Let’s Find the Right Solution for Your Divorce

While all divorces have a lot in common, each one is unique in many ways. The attorneys at The Campbell Law Group, P.A., will work with you to determine how your divorce should be handled so that you can get the best results possible. Our firm has experience with all types of divorces, including those involving the determination and valuation of assets, disputes over distribution of multinational resources, and resolution of other complex legal matters. Please consider the services we provide, and contact us to set up a free consultation to evaluate all your options.

Collaborative Law

Collaborative law is a great option for divorces where the parties involved are able to remain civil with each other so that the parties can reach a common goal. The collaborative strategy is rising in popularity because it can help to reduce the overall cost and time-expense of a traditional divorce, while also achieving longer-lasting results. The collaborative strategy is also preferred by some for its discreet and private nature, as collaborative divorces are resolved outside of a courtroom. In a collaborative law approach, we work with you, the other party, and any specialists such as financial advisors or family professionals, to come up with a divorce settlement agreement that everyone is happy with. Whenever possible, this is the ideal way to end a marriage because it leaves all parties involved in as strong a position as possible after the divorce.

Low Conflict Alternatives

There are several low-conflict divorce options that can provide great results for parties to a divorce. These options include using dispute-resolution tools like mediation and arbitration, where the parties meet together with a neutral third-party intended to help negotiate an appropriate and fair agreement. The vast majority of divorces today go through some type of low-conflict solution, as that is what Florida courts recommend for most divorce cases. In almost all circumstances, these types of low-conflict alternatives do indeed yield more positive results.

Traditional Divorce

When there is significant disagreement, or when the other party is unwilling to be reasonable, it may be necessary to go through the traditional divorce litigation process. While this should be seen as a last resort, a court of law is sometimes the only available option to have your rights enforced. In this situation, we’re ready to effectively represent you in court and aggressively fight for your rights.