Prenuptial Agreements: Why You Need One.

    For decades, prenuptial agreements (or more commonly referred to as “prenups”) have been regarded by many as disrespectful to the other spouse and have a notion of being generally disfavored by Courts, even though they will be upheld if the prenuptial agreement is valid. Prenups serve many purposes, such as financial planning, wealth protection, protection of family assets, preservation of the Read More

The New KAAA Fix Bill – Understanding Equitable Distribution and Passive Appreciation

The New KAAA Fix Bill allows nonmarital properties that have appreciated during the marriage to be subject to equitable distribution. First, let’s dive into what Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets and Liabilities actually means. When divorce proceedings begin, the Court analyzes the assets and liabilities acquired by the couple during their marriage. An example of an asset would be a house, or a vehicle, Read More

What I Should Know About Child Custody and My Divorce?

Florida law encourages for both the father and the mother to have the equal rights when it comes to their children.  This is a change from antiquated and traditional thinking when there was a presumption that the mother could take better care of the children, especially when they were younger. Having equal rights over a child means both of the child’s parents have the a mutual right to see their child, make Read More

I Just Got Served Divorce Papers. Now What?

So your spouse has just served you with divorce papers.  Getting served is always tough.  Even if you and your spouse have already discussed it, and you knew it was coming, it still leaves you feeling unsettled.  This was not the plan when you said, “I do.” “What happens next?” is a question that we get asked a lot.  Here are some thoughts on the topics that may be helpful as prepare you for what lies ahead for Read More

I Want Out of My Marriage. What Should I Do?

Taking the steps to end your marriage is no easy task.  You are kicking off a process that unravels your relationship with your spouse.  If you have children, you are starting a process that will change their world and have a lasting impact on them.  This decision will also profoundly change your life as well. With this understanding, I want to share with you some information that will prepare you for the divorce Read More

What is the Collaborative Law Process and What are its Advantages?

If you asked what’s the best way to get divorced, it’s likely that you’ll get a wide range of different answers that won’t mention a divorce through the Collaborative law process. This is mostly because people aren’t aware of this Collaborative law process, which is a relatively new dissolution method that was only recently endorsed by Florida’s Supreme Court. The Collaborative law process is led by fairness and Read More